Sometimes you want things to fail. Sometimes there is a will inside you that everything you have achieved yet , everything you have made, along with all your problems should breakdown. You want to get dragged on the ground, beaten to shit and just faint out there. You lay there subconscious, blood spurring out from [...]


We all are doomed

​We all are doomed. People are busy in the irrationally of relationships trying to find that 'perfect' partner which is epitome of their dreams. Dreams which are a delusion into a hypothetical world created by man for his own happiness.Dreams are the world where a man wants to complete the voids left by his incompetence [...]

Being a soldier’s mother

Have you ever noticed that in the animal kingdom whenever they sleep, they sleep next to the mother. The children are cuddled. Partly it is because she wants to have the assurance that even when she is asleep, her children are safe.Our parents also care for us in a similar manner.They want us safe,they want [...]

10 minutes

I went in to the lobby when I saw her. Wearing a red T-shirt and those edgy specks she looked pretty, quite pretty. It seemed like it she had been sitting there for quite a long time now. Her actions could tell it. She looked towards the door once in a while in exile, her [...]


Time does not flies , it dawdles through, slowly, striving, looking into your eyes and warning you how worse it is going to hit you in future. LET ME DIE   Sitting alone at this desk of mine Goes a chill right up the spine There's a situation before me that lie, Should I live [...]


There is a famous saying here in the academy that there is equal share of fuck in every one's life. Quite true. Whenever you are happy for a lot of days at a stretch ,in comes some bad days to maintain the equilibrium of emotions. You are never just happy. You always go through a [...]


You are the central character of a big play. Everything that happens in this world revolves around you. Right now I am sitting here next moment I can either do something or something else or else. Millions of possibilities lie in my next movement. Each possibility will lead to a new path, a change in [...]